• December 3, Festival Nuova Consonanza, Rome, Italy. SHINRA (3D-Acousmatic 22ch Zirkonium Version)
  • August 9-10, Ryogoku Art Festival, Monten Hall Tokyo Japan. Time Crystals (Visual Music + AURO 9 surround system)
  • June 22, NYCEMF, Loreto Theatre NY, USA. Time Crystals (Visual Music + 8ch Acousmatic)
  • April 6, Profectio 30+1, E-Werk Freiburg Germany. When the bells are rebuilt…(Visual Music)


  • October 30, DEGEM30 Anniversary Concert, ZKM Karlsruhe Germany. SHINRA(3D -Acousmatic 22ch Zirkonium Version)
  • June 21-25, NYCEMF, NY, USA. ICE (Visual Music)
  • April 15, Synchresis Festival 2021, Granada Spain, Kiryu-sho (Visual Music)


  • January, TAMA Music Festival 2020, Tokyo. Avian (Visual Music)


  • June 18, ICMC/NYCEMF Festival 2019, NY. Concert #8, Ryojinfu (8ch Acousmatic)


  • Nov 10, Festival della Cultura Digitale Rieti. Avian (Visual Music)
  • Nov 6, DegeM Concert, Leipzig. Aquatic with 4ch sound diffusion.
  • Nov 6, Lange Nacht der Museen at Leopard-Hoesch Museum, Düren. Visual Music Concert : Ryum, Aquatic, A Tale of Wind, Kiryu-sho.
  • Sept 12, International Festial of Video Art and Visual Music 2018 joined with UNESCO’s International Day of Light, Concert at 13 world cities (Brasilia Brasil, Sintra Portugal, Ciudad Mexico, Tampa USA, Vina del Mar Chile, Sassari Italy, Milan Italy, Staffordshire UK, Stockholm Sweden, Marseille France, Montevideo Urguay, and more : Kiryu-sho (Visual Music, commissioned)
  • July 7-8, EMUfestSabina, Electroacoustic Music Festival Rieti (Rom). Seminar : Analogical Processes between Music and Visual, Concert : REFRACTION (Visual Music)
  • June 20-23, EMS 2018 Villa Finaly, Florence. Paper presentation : „Visual Music“ as Extended Composition of Electroacoustic Music
  • June 2, Publication Contemporary Music Review Vol.37 Parts1-2, 2018, Electroacoustic Music in East Asia includes  „Japanese Electroacoustic and Japanese Instruments“ by Hiromi Ishii. https://www.tandfonline.com
  • May 8-10, Noisefloor Festival, Staffordshire University (UK), Aquatic
  • May 4, Synchresis Programm 32, Conservatory of Music „Manuel Carra“, Malaga (Spain), Mo’s Song.
  • May 3-31, Festival Internacional De Video-are y Music visual, Centro de Cultural Digital, Mexiko, Avian
  • May 2, Mostra Internacional de Video Arte, Adido Cultural da Embaixada da França Brasil, Avian
  • March 24, Seeing Sound Festival, Bath Spa University (UK), Visual Music Screening 2, Avian


  • December 9, Visual Music Concert together with Wilfried Jentzsch, Burg Obbendorf (Niederzier)
  • November 7-14, Synchresis Festival for Visual Music, Donostia-San Sebastian, Mykele. Mo’s Song (World Premiere)
  • October 14, Akusmatisches Konzert #3 „Musik aus Strom und im Dunkeln“, Trebel, Curated by Clemens von Reusner. Ryojinfu (Multi-Channel Acousmatic)
  • August 26, Ein Fest fuer Alle, Hannover, Visual Music Installation, When the bells are rebuilt…
  • April 28, Radio centraal Antwerpen, Ging-Tokyo2006, Shinra, Ryojinfu.
  • April 8 – June 11, Pasquart Kunsthaus Biel/Bienne, Exhibition „Extended Compositions“ Refraction.
  • April 4 Rome, Concert at the University of Rome II „Tor Vergata“, Ryojinfu.
  • January, New CD „sai-ji-ku“ released from WERGO Label, Schott Music&Media. Features the acousmatic works composed with Zirkonium by Hiromi Ishii and Wilfried Jentzsch. The sound diffusion recorded by Neumann Dammy-head microphone at Klangdom, ZKM. The project was supported by ZKM. https://en.schott-music.com/shop/sai-ji-ku.html


  • November 24 Jülich, Visual Music Concert, with the works of Hiromi Ishii and Wilfried Jentzsch, Schlosskapelle des Museums Zitadelle
  • October 24 Rome, EMUfest, Ryojinfu
  • October 22 Karlsruhe, Punto y Raya Festival, Aquatic
  • September 1 Hamburg, SMC-DEGEM, Ryojinfu
  • August 20 Mexico City, Muestra de Musica Visual Mexico, Aquatic
  • August 17 Mexico City, Muestra de Musica Visual Mexico, Aquatic
  • July 16 Mexico City, Muestra de Musica Visual Mexico, Aquatic
  • July 2 Mexico City, Muestra de Musica Visual Mexico, Aquatic
  • June 14, New York, NYCEMF, Aquatic
  • June 1, Brussels, influx Festival Concert Videomusiques, Aquatic


  • November 24-26, Granada, Teneriffa, Synchresis Festival Spain, Aquatic
  • November 17, Bremen, Masterclass on Visual Music at Hochschule für Künste Bremen
  • November 16, Bremen, Visual Music Concert (Double Portrait with Wilfried Jentzsch) organized by Hochschule für Künste Bremen
  • October 19, Tokyo, Lecture on Visual Music at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
  • October 17, Tokyo, Guest Musician Concert in Digital Music&Arts Project organized by Senzoku Gakuen College of Music(Double Portrait with Wilfried Jentzsch)
  • September 23 2015-April 18 2016, Karlsruhe ZKM Museen, „Virtual Sound Gallery“ as a part of exhibition Globale curated by Ludger Brümmer (the 300th Anniversary of City Karlsruhe)
  • August 21, Toronto, TIES Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Ryojinfu (16-channel)
  • August 01, Karlsruhe ZKM, KAMUNA karlsruher Museumnacht, Aquatic, A Tale of Wind(Computer-generated moving images & Acousmatic Music with 43 Loudspeaker System Zirkonium)
  • June 01, Festival 2 Visages Electroacoustiques, Musiques & Recherches, Aquatic (Visual Music)
  • March 6-29, Berlin, Extended Compositions, REFRACTION (Invited to present)


  • November 14, DEGEM Concert in NOW Festival Essen, A Tale of Wind
  • October 1, WDR radio broadcast, SHINRA in Point of View (curated by Wilfried Jentzsch)
  • September 28, Paper presentation. Acousmatic compotion Ryojinfu in 3D with the Zirkonium, at JSSA (Japanese Society for Sonic Arts)
  • September 25, Tokyo, Guest lecture on Visual Music at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
  • June 08, New York, NYCEMF Concert 27, REFRACTION
  • May 10, Venice, Pas-e, Summer Grasses
  • January 30- February 02, Reykjavik, Punto y Raya, REFRACTION (selected for the title piece of concert reel 4)


  • October 21, Rome, EMUfest, SHINRA 8ch
  • September – October, DEGEM webradio broadcast, „Portrait of ZKM guest composer“
  • September, Residency at ZKM Germany, composition for Zirkonium
  • August 30- September 01, Marienthaler Festspiele (USAP), NAMBU
  • August 23-25, Mühlheim a.R., Lichtkunstfestival (USAP), NAMBU
  • June 22-23, Duisburg, Traumzeit Festival (USAP), NAMBU
  • May 31- June 2, Essen, Contemporary Art Ruhr Media Art Fair (USAP), NAMBU
  • May 17-20, Bochum, Urban Solar Audio Plant (USAP) 12-ch, NAMBU
  • April 11, Colombia, Universidad de Los Andes, Nomades Concert, REFRACTION
  • March 22-24, Course at International Kunstakademie Heimbach
  • March 21, Karlsruhe ZKM Concert
  • March 07, Tokyo JSEM Concert


  • October 11, Rome EMUfest 2012, A Tale of Wind. Invitation for masterclass
  • September 2&8, Isenhagen & Halberstadt John Cage Festival, „When the bells are rebuilt“ (commission)
  • July 13, Heimbach. Duo portrait concert with W. Jentzsch, International Kunstakademie
  • May 26, Hannover, Invitation for lecture at the Festival Visionen
  • May 25, Catania, Masterclass&concert at Festival DI_Stanze
  • March 23, Cologne, Lecture „Aufbruch 1912“ at KHM Kölner Hochschule für Medien (Collaboration by KGNM Kölner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik)


  • December 22, Bogota, Nomades Concert, REFRACTION
  • December 16, Cologne, Portrait Concert with lecture at Univ. Cologne, the Institute for Contemporary music
  • November 5, Cologne, Lange Nacht der Museen, REFRACTION
  • November 4, Cologne, SoundTrack_8.0, REFRACTION
  • October 9, Rome, EMUfest 2011, REFRACTION
  • July 7, Mar del Plata, Image&Resonance, Foundation Destellos, Ryum
  • April 14, Poznan, Academy of Music, Lecture and Concert, Dreaming Stones


  • November 16, Rome, EMUfest 2010, Ryum
  • October 28, Beijing, Festival MusicAcoustica 2010, REFRACTION. Masterclass at Conservatory of Music Beijing, Paper presentation at EMSANday Beijing
  • April 15, Lisbon, Commission for Miso Music 25th Anniversary, Ten-Ge


  • September 17, Lisbon, Miso Musica Viva Festival, Ryum
  • July10, Caracas, UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL, UNEARTE Musica, Ryum
  • May 21, Caracas, Dundacion Centro de Estudios Latinamericanos, Ryum
  • May 7, Caracas, Museo de Arte Contemporano, Ryum
  • April 28, Brussels, Musiques&Recherches the International Concert, Ginn-Klang
  • February 22, Mancester, MANTIS Festival, A Tale of Wind
  • January 14, Essen, Concert at Folkwang Univ., Ryum


  • November 4 – 6, éucue Festival Montreal, Ginn-Klang
  • October MusicAcoustica Beijing 2008, Ginn-Klang & Ryum
  • June 6-8, Paris, Paper presentation at EMS 08 at Sorbonne Univ.
  • June 19, EM-Hören, Concert at TU Berlin, Ryum
  • May 29, Karlsruhe, Concert at ZKM, Ryum (premiere)
  • March 11, Esbjerg, Invitation for lecture at Aalborg Univ., Festival DigArt 2008.