• July 7-8, EMUfestSabina, Electroacoustic Music Festival Rieti (Rom). Seminar : Analogical Processes between Music and Visual, Concert : REFRACTION (Visual Music)
  • June 20-23, EMS 2018 Villa Finaly, Florence. Paper presentation : „Visual Music“ as Extended Composition of Electroacoustic Music
  • June 2, Publication Contemporary Music Review Vol.37 Parts1-2, 2018, Electroacoustic Music in East Asia includes  „Japanese Electroacoustic and Japanese Instruments“ by Hiromi Ishii. https://www.tandfonline.com
  • May 8-10, Noisefloor Festival, Staffordshire University (UK), Aquatic
  • May 4, Synchresis Programm 32, Conservatory of Music „Manuel Carra“, Malaga (Spain), Mo’s Song.
  • May 3-31, Festival Internacional De Video-are y Music visual, Centro de Cultural Digital, Mexiko, Avian
  • May 2, Mostra Internacional de Video Arte, Adido Cultural da Embaixada da França Brasil, Avian
  • March 24, Seeing Sound Festival, Bath Spa University (UK), Visual Music Screening 2, Avian


  • December 9, Visual Music Concert together with Wilfried Jentzsch, Burg Obbendorf (Niederzier)
  • November 7-14, Synchresis Festival for Visual Music, Donostia-San Sebastian, Mykele. Mo’s Song (World Premiere)
  • October 14, Akusmatisches Konzert #3 „Musik aus Strom und im Dunkeln“, Trebel, Curated by Clemens von Reusner. Ryojinfu (Multi-Channel Acousmatic)
  • August 26, Ein Fest fuer Alle, Hannover, Visual Music Installation, When the bells are rebuilt…
  • April 28, Radio centraal Antwerpen, Ging-Tokyo2006, Shinra, Ryojinfu.
  • April 8 – June 11, Pasquart Kunsthaus Biel/Bienne, Exhibition „Extended Compositions“ Refraction.
  • April 4 Rome, Concert at the University of Rome II „Tor Vergata“, Ryojinfu.
  • January, New CD „sai-ji-ku“ released from WERGO Label, Schott Music&Media. Features the acousmatic works composed with Zirkonium by Hiromi Ishii and Wilfried Jentzsch. The sound diffusion recorded by Neumann Dammy-head microphone at Klangdom, ZKM. The project was supported by ZKM. https://en.schott-music.com/shop/sai-ji-ku.html


  • November 24 Jülich, Visual Music Concert, with the works of Hiromi Ishii and Wilfried Jentzsch, Schlosskapelle des Museums Zitadelle
  • October 24 Rome, EMUfest, Ryojinfu
  • October 22 Karlsruhe, Punto y Raya Festival, Aquatic
  • September 1 Hamburg, SMC-DEGEM, Ryojinfu
  • August 20 Mexico City, Muestra de Musica Visual Mexico, Aquatic
  • August 17 Mexico City, Muestra de Musica Visual Mexico, Aquatic
  • July 16 Mexico City, Muestra de Musica Visual Mexico, Aquatic
  • July 2 Mexico City, Muestra de Musica Visual Mexico, Aquatic
  • June 14, New York, NYCEMF, Aquatic
  • June 1, Brussels, influx Festival Concert Videomusiques, Aquatic


  • November 24-26, Granada, Teneriffa, Synchresis Festival Spain, Aquatic
  • November 17, Bremen, Masterclass on Visual Music at Hochschule für Künste Bremen
  • November 16, Bremen, Visual Music Concert (Double Portrait with Wilfried Jentzsch) organized by Hochschule für Künste Bremen
  • October 19, Tokyo, Lecture on Visual Music at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
  • October 17, Tokyo, Guest Musician Concert in Digital Music&Arts Project organized by Senzoku Gakuen College of Music(Double Portrait with Wilfried Jentzsch)
  • September 23 2015-April 18 2016, Karlsruhe ZKM Museen, „Virtual Sound Gallery“ as a part of exhibition Globale curated by Ludger Brümmer (the 300th Anniversary of City Karlsruhe)
  • August 21, Toronto, TIES Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Ryojinfu (16-channel)
  • August 01, Karlsruhe ZKM, KAMUNA karlsruher Museumnacht, Aquatic, A Tale of Wind(Computer-generated moving images & Acousmatic Music with 43 Loudspeaker System Zirkonium)
  • June 01, Festival 2 Visages Electroacoustiques, Musiques & Recherches, Aquatic (Visual Music)
  • March 6-29, Berlin, Extended Compositions, REFRACTION (Invited to present)


  • November 14, DEGEM Concert in NOW Festival Essen, A Tale of Wind
  • October 1, WDR radio broadcast, SHINRA in Point of View (curated by Wilfried Jentzsch)
  • September 28, Paper presentation. Acousmatic compotion Ryojinfu in 3D with the Zirkonium, at JSSA (Japanese Society for Sonic Arts)
  • September 25, Tokyo, Guest lecture on Visual Music at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
  • June 08, New York, NYCEMF Concert 27, REFRACTION
  • May 10, Venice, Pas-e, Summer Grasses
  • January 30- February 02, Reykjavik, Punto y Raya, REFRACTION (selected for the title piece of concert reel 4)


  • October 21, Rome, EMUfest, SHINRA 8ch
  • September – October, DEGEM webradio broadcast, „Portrait of ZKM guest composer“
  • September, Residency at ZKM Germany, composition for Zirkonium
  • August 30- September 01, Marienthaler Festspiele (USAP), NAMBU
  • August 23-25, Mühlheim a.R., Lichtkunstfestival (USAP), NAMBU
  • June 22-23, Duisburg, Traumzeit Festival (USAP), NAMBU
  • May 31- June 2, Essen, Contemporary Art Ruhr Media Art Fair (USAP), NAMBU
  • May 17-20, Bochum, Urban Solar Audio Plant (USAP) 12-ch, NAMBU
  • April 11, Colombia, Universidad de Los Andes, Nomades Concert, REFRACTION
  • March 22-24, Course at International Kunstakademie Heimbach
  • March 21, Karlsruhe ZKM Concert
  • March 07, Tokyo JSEM Concert


  • October 11, Rome EMUfest 2012, A Tale of Wind. Invitation for masterclass
  • September 2&8, Isenhagen & Halberstadt John Cage Festival, „When the bells are rebuilt“ (commission)
  • July 13, Heimbach. Duo portrait concert with W. Jentzsch, International Kunstakademie
  • May 26, Hannover, Invitation for lecture at the Festival Visionen
  • May 25, Catania, Masterclass&concert at Festival DI_Stanze
  • March 23, Cologne, Lecture „Aufbruch 1912“ at KHM Kölner Hochschule für Medien (Collaboration by KGNM Kölner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik)


  • December 22, Bogota, Nomades Concert, REFRACTION
  • December 16, Cologne, Portrait Concert with lecture at Univ. Cologne, the Institute for Contemporary music
  • November 5, Cologne, Lange Nacht der Museen, REFRACTION
  • November 4, Cologne, SoundTrack_8.0, REFRACTION
  • October 9, Rome, EMUfest 2011, REFRACTION
  • July 7, Mar del Plata, Image&Resonance, Foundation Destellos, Ryum
  • April 14, Poznan, Academy of Music, Lecture and Concert, Dreaming Stones


  • November 16, Rome, EMUfest 2010, Ryum
  • October 28, Beijing, Festival MusicAcoustica 2010, REFRACTION. Masterclass at Conservatory of Music Beijing, Paper presentation at EMSANday Beijing
  • April 15, Lisbon, Commission for Miso Music 25th Anniversary, Ten-Ge


  • September 17, Lisbon, Miso Musica Viva Festival, Ryum
  • July10, Caracas, UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL, UNEARTE Musica, Ryum
  • May 21, Caracas, Dundacion Centro de Estudios Latinamericanos, Ryum
  • May 7, Caracas, Museo de Arte Contemporano, Ryum
  • April 28, Brussels, Musiques&Recherches the International Concert, Ginn-Klang
  • February 22, Mancester, MANTIS Festival, A Tale of Wind
  • January 14, Essen, Concert at Folkwang Univ., Ryum


  • November 4 – 6, éucue Festival Montreal, Ginn-Klang
  • October MusicAcoustica Beijing 2008, Ginn-Klang & Ryum
  • June 6-8, Paris, Paper presentation at EMS 08 at Sorbonne Univ.
  • June 19, EM-Hören, Concert at TU Berlin, Ryum
  • May 29, Karlsruhe, Concert at ZKM, Ryum (premiere)
  • March 11, Esbjerg, Invitation for lecture at Aalborg Univ., Festival DigArt 2008.