Instruments & Electronics

  • Kaze no Michi (Wind Way) for shakuhachi and electronics (London, 2005)
  • Higashi-e! (Nach Osten!) for renaissance tenor recorder and electronics (Commissioned by Prof.Ulrike Volkhardt&the International Symposium for Japanese Contemporary Flute Music, Folkwang Univ. Essen, 2005)
    This work consists of three parts; The first part explores aesthetical extract of Gagaku music (sound ex-1), the second explores Gidayu (sound ex-2), and the third explores Noh.
    This piece is played using a real-time program on Max/MSP.
  • Mudai (interactive performance for dancer, videosensor and MaxMSP. 4ch, CYNETart Festival Dresden, 2004)
  • Himorogi I for satsuma-biwa and electronics (8 ch., London, 2003)
  • Himorogi II for shakuhachi and electronics (6 ch., London, 2003)
  • Steine, Stimme und Sterne for vocal ensemble and electronics. (Commissioned by the State of Saxony. (Semperoper Dresden, 2002)
  • Polymorphia for contralt and electronics. (Dresden, 2000)
    [Important further performance : Gaudeamus Netherland, 2005. Agata Ziebel (Prizewinner)]