Visual Music

  • When the bells are rebuilt… (11’17“, Isenhagen, 2013)
    [Important further presentations: John Cage Festival Halberstadt 2013)
  • A Tale of Wind (9’42“, MANTIS Festival Manchester, 2009)
    [Important further presentations: EMUfest Rome 2012, Univ. Cologne]
  • REFRACTION (4channel, 7’04“, MusicAcoustica Beijing 2010)
    [Important further presentations: EMUfest Rome(eminence), SoundTrack Cologne, Nomades Bogota]
  • Ryum (5’36“, ZKM Karlsruhe, 2008)
    [Important further presentations: EM-Hören Berlin TU, Musica Viva Lisbon, Sound&Resonance by Destellos, MusicAcoustica Beijing, EMUfest Rome]
    Ryum was composed to create a close relationship between visual- and music in the sense of gagaku and noh (traditional Japanese music), and based on their aesthetics. Both visual and music parts were composed in parallel so that musical and visual timing and speed of gestures and transformations can be delicately adjusted at any compositional and processing stages. This piece does not include any sudden explosions, or surprising interuptions as they are not the expression ways of gagaku. The subtle changes and slowly floating transformations and percussive sounds, which give from time to time accents to the floating phrases, are the manner of this piece.  The title Ryu means stream and Mu means dream in Japanese.
  • Study of…  (5’45“, Dresden, 2000)
    [further performance : Blaue LAB, Dresden, 2001]